Athlete. Physiologist. Coach.

Coach Audra has 100+ triathlons, multiple adventure races and ultra marathon finishes to her credit, as well as a professional background in physiology and over 12 years of coaching experience.

40x 70.3
11x 70.3 World Championship Qualifier
6x 70.3 World Championship Finishes
10 x 140.6
5x Ironman World Championship (Kona) Qualifier
3x Ironman World Championship (Kona) Finishes

There are a lot of coaching options out there.

It's safe to say Coach Audra isn't like any of them.

If you want to get strong (and fast), if you're ready to work, if you want to use your strengths and address your weaknesses, and if you want to have a ton of fun along the way. . . send us a message.

What RR athletes are saying...

"I started working with Audra last year. From the get-go I knew it was going to be different and challenging. I remember looking at my workouts and thinking she had lost her mind (I still do )- how could I do what she was asking me to do? She believes in you more than you believe in yourself and works with you to bring out the absolute best in you. It has been a wild ride that I don’t want to end."

- Stephanie

“Audra will kick your a$$ as much as you want and can endure. And that’s a good thing! By that, I mean that if life is crazy and training isn’t priority numero uno, then she will do her utmost to get you in the best shape that you can be in given the time that you have to put in. And if training IS a priority, then be ready - you will get everything that you asked for and more. And either way, you will be ready to meet your goals for that time in your life. Go get it!!!”

- Jennifer

"I began working with Audra nearly a year ago. At the time I was battling repeat injuries and frustrated. In the past year I've gotten to the root of my form issues, taken roughly a minute/mile off my run pace, and am riding stronger than ever before. I've worked my a** off, but I also feel like my training has been smart, and tailored perfectly for my own strengths, challenges, and goals. Audra believes in my abilities even more than I do, and I'm so grateful for her guidance (and sass)."

- Lisa